[alug] PRESS RELEASE: Announcing LinuxNewbie.com web portal

Andrew Savory A.Savory at uea.ac.uk
Fri Oct 1 02:14:03 BST 1999

On Thu, 30 Sep 1999 jg at cyberstorm.demon.co.uk wrote:

> As stated in the P-R, the launch date is broadly speaking October.

Okay. You have announced a site in a press release. When people go to the
site, they see "coming soon". What impression does that convey?

> As MJR has mentioned, this date is ambitious, but it should be noted
> that I WILL NOT LAUNCH until the LNC Team feels it is ready. 

What you have just done is effectively launch the site. Why publicise a
site that is not yet open for business?

> October is the wish-month

There is absolutely nothing wrong with setting ambitious deadlines. What
you shouldn't do is fall into the vapourware trap. How many articles does
LNC have ready for the punters?

> I am happy to state my thoughts on the launch date in public unlike
> certain Companies who ship products possibly considered too early.


> In hindsight, the launch date could have been witheld from the P-R, but
> since no-one on list mentioned this after two postings of the draft copy,
> I made the call and accept any flak should we not be held to it. The words
> "shit happens" comes to mind ;-)

Yeah, shit happens. I remember the posting of the draft copy of the press
release, but don't remember you saying "guys, I'm going to announce this".

> To be perfectly honest, who is likely to rebuff us for missing October?

Er, our public? People visiting LNC following on from the publicity. To be
honest, the "coming soon" message gives a bad name to every one of us
associated with the project.

> And if you'd like to help us in the project, get in touch and maybe you
> can help make it faster and better!

...and just pray we get it up and ready before the publicity. Oh, whoops.


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