[alug] PRESS RELEASE: Announcing LinuxNewbie.com web portal

Paul Russell Paul.Russell at uea.ac.uk
Sat Oct 2 10:14:11 BST 1999

> Don't feel bad, mate. What you're doing is admirable, and one little
> mistake doesn't negate everything else you did/have done/will do. Chin
> up, and move on! If you want anything reviewed, proof-read etc., just
> ask.

Agreed, but can we *please* *please* *please* (begging? me?) have the
code-base in CVS - some of us have got 'quite a lot' of experience of web
application design, and I'm pretty sure it will do the project good to
have a few more eyes and brains working on it. James - trust me,
maintaining a wodge of code the size of LNC *will not* be fun - many hands
make light work.



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