[alug] PRESS RELEASE: Announcing LinuxNewbie.com web portal

MJ Ray h089 at mth.uea.ac.uk
Sat Oct 2 10:14:46 BST 1999

On Sat, Oct 02, 1999 at 12:29:40AM +0100, jg at cyberstorm.demon.co.uk wrote:
> To generate interest, why else? The GNOME project was announced before
> GNOME-1.0 got out. They wanted interest, developers, feedback, publicity.
> To a point, so do we.

At least GNOME had shown some people something.  Not even your
own team has seen anything other than vapourware so far, AIUI. 
Also, the PR you put out was a full-blown launch announcement,
not a call for contributors.

Open the project...

> I'm sorry, but I did try and make that clear. I don't remember the exactly
> text used on both the draft posts, but I do remember saying that this was
> to be released, and gave the date in the P-R itself.

You said on 9 September: "Will be released later this week."

> I'm sorry, I disagree. To anyone eagre enough to visit the site over
> October and then fire complaints at us if we don't deliver in October, I
> will apologise.

As I said on IRC, people tend not to email you with complaints
unless they "own" the site in some way (does this tally with
the experience of other large site webmasters here?).  The vast
majority just ignore you.  I just hope that they don't ignore
you with a "oh that again" when you do actually launch.

> I suspect that while linuxnewbie.com may be of reasonable profile name and
> ambition-wise, delays will be tolerated while we get it right. Again I may
> be wrong, but since the deed is done, I can only but work to get it right
> ASAP. In six months time will everyone be saying, "LNC - the site who
> launched after the announced date"? I obviously can't guarantee there
> won't be, but I bet our primary audience won't be.

You're not going to get it to work right soon, if ever, with
one man working alone on most of the site.  You're also going
to burn yourself out before long.  Open the project...

You should be worrying whether people will be saying in six
months time: "LNC, that didn't last long, did it?", "LNC, not
as good as linuxnewbie.org" or "LNC, they crashed lots when
they launched".  (Actually, that last is my biggest concern and
the reason why I speak out, as it would once again tarnish
Linux's name... and it's totally avoidable.)

> Sorry. I suggest we get back to more constructive work rather than this
> conversation which is obviously not in anyone's interests.

No, this conversation is not in *YOUR* interests because it
highlights shortcomings in the operation of LNC at the moment. 
Willing developers are denied access to the code.  Attempts to
start useful discussion are stifled.  Lists of jobs are spat
out with rude subject lines (eg JOBS #3 - READ OR DIE). 
Actions on a volunteer project are taken without asking the
volunteers.  Statements like "we frikkin' kill LNO" (referring
to linuxnewbie.org) go uncontested, yet you get upset when ln.o
views you as hostile competition.

Having a good, healthy, working LNC is in the interests of
Linux users everywhere and is a worthwhile and noble aim.  So
let Linux users everywhere help: Open the project...


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