[alug] PRESS RELEASE: Announcing LinuxNewbie.com web portal

Laurie Brown laurie at brownowl.com
Sun Oct 3 09:58:59 BST 1999

MJ Ray wrote:


> As I said on IRC, people tend not to email you with complaints
> unless they "own" the site in some way (does this tally with
> the experience of other large site webmasters here?).  The vast
> majority just ignore you.  I just hope that they don't ignore
> you with a "oh that again" when you do actually launch.

My experience confirms this: I've had an antiques glossary site up for
several years now. It was a project that I started and which just died
through lack of my time to keep it gpoing. The glossary stands, and is
as valid now as it ever was, but it hasn't grown or developed at all. On
it, and in the rec.antiqwues newsgroup, I've oft-solicited
copntributions. Have a guess how many have been forthcoming... That's
right, NONE. The site, however, gets hundred of visits a week.

FWIW, I go along with MJR: open the site, and CVS the source. Privately
of course, and by invitation only perhaps. As Paul said, some of us do
know a bit of HTML and Java.

Cheers, Laurie.

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