[alug] Dial-in and X

Laurie Brown laurie at brownowl.com
Fri Oct 8 10:36:13 BST 1999

MJ Ray wrote:
> On Thu, Oct 07, 1999 at 11:49:31PM +0100, Laurie Brown wrote:
> > and all that a treat. However, I want to telnet in over the dialled-in
> > connection, and can't, and I want to use X (X-Win32) and can't. I'm sure
> export DISPLAY=win32boxaddress:0 perhaps?

I thought of that, but through IP, I simply connect to the linux bow,
and it works. Therefore, I assume, if I can work out how to make it
happen, the same *should* work over ppp. The presumption being that ppp
link through modem == IP link through eth0.

 I am going to try adding a shell to the end of the pppd script.

More info in a reply to Raphaels's mail...

Cheers, Laurie.

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