[alug] Dial-in and X

Laurie Brown laurie at brownowl.com
Fri Oct 8 11:16:38 BST 1999

Raphael Mankin wrote:
> On 07-Oct-99 Laurie Brown wrote:
> > Ok folks, quick question.
> >
> > I succeeded in making a linux box a dial-in system, and it authenticates
> > and all that a treat. However, I want to telnet in over the dialled-in
> > connection, and can't, and I want to use X (X-Win32) and can't. I'm sure
> > I'm forgetting something simple, but can't think what. Clues gratefully
> > received!
> What are you dialling in with and what are you respondign with? Is it PPP/SLIP
> at both ends, or are you dropping straight into a shell?

I'm using ppp. I have a special user set up with a shell of
/usr/bin/ppd. Authentication is done against /etc/passwd. All other
users are excluded vis pap-secrets.

> Assuming that you ahve a PPP/SLip link, can you ping over it?

Yes. I can ping the box I'm dialling into, and myself on the assigned IP
address I've set up in ppp.options. I can also ftp into it withput

> Do hosts.allow/hosts.deny permit telnet?

Yeah. Well, it works, but I have no idea why!

> Is telnet enabled in inetd.conf?


> X over a dial-up line will be painful. It is bad enough on my ADSL link, but
> then I do tend to run several sessions simultaneously ;-)

I know. The priciple use of the PC is to allow dial-in access to a LAN
with firewalling and some degree of security. Mostly, I ubderstand,
it'll be used for ftp. However, the bloke (a mate) will need X because
he knows sod-all about Linux!

Cheers, Laurie.

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