[alug] [Newbie question - what video card to buy?

Chris Glover Chris at glovercc.freeserve.co.uk
Sat Oct 9 18:56:39 BST 1999

John Heaser wrote:
> I am hoping to get to grips with Linux by using an Evesham Pentium Pro
> 200 PC.
> I have pinched the Video card to drive a second monitor on my W98 PC so
> have to buy a new card.  Mainly for business applications but I might
> play the occasional game.  Any suggestions for a Linux supported card
> please?  Also any suggestions for a basic sound card and 10BaseT network
> card.
> I have Red Hat 5.2.
> --

I have a Voodoo 3 3000 which works very well, you can get ROM'd version
of the server from a link at www.3dfx.com. As a bonus it comes with
Unreal as well :-)

For sound I am using a Sound Blaster AWE64, but any of the Creative ones
will work under Linux. 

As for network card, I am just using a £20 PCI thing I got in Maplins
which seems ok, except it gets miffed if something else has the same
IRQ. My other 2 PC's have Bay Networks Netgear cards which seem to work
quite well.

BTW I am currently using Mandrake Linux 6.0 (Redhat 6.0 with knobs on)
which seems to work very well. It's running a little masquerading
gateway so I can share my modem with my 2 windows PC's.

Hope that helps.

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