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Graham Orme Graham at mentec.demon.co.uk
Thu Oct 21 14:16:38 BST 1999

Daniel Smith <Daniel at capricorn1.demon.co.uk> wrote
>In message <Pine.LNX.4.10.9910201253230.16745-100000 at vortex.ukshells.co.
>uk>, Dan Jones <djjon at ukshells.co.uk> writes
>>Why can't there ever be a meet at Essex Uni btw?  Miles easier for me to
>>get to (being located in Luton unfortunanatly atm).  Just a thought.  The
>>Woodbridge ones are easy enough for me too (living near Ipswich when at
>I'll second this.  I know of a hotel in Braintree with a meeting room
>available (for a small charge which I would be prepared to cover
>myself).  Fair enough there wouldn't be any Internet access but perhaps
>an opportunity would arise where this would be a necessity?
>Alternatively!  I could ask my boss if we could use one of the rooms at
>work.  We would be able to 'chip' into the network and get Internet
>access, it would only be ISDN2 but that's better than nothing!.
>It's a bit out in the sticks (Finchingfield!) but there's no harm in
>asking if people are interested!

It would certainly suit me (Maldon based).
Graham Orme

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