[alug] MA FUD

Daniel Smith Daniel at capricorn1.demon.co.uk
Sun Oct 24 20:43:55 BST 1999

I've just had a look.  The 'reply's' are interesting, some 300+.  I only
read the first 15 and they were all saying the same thing!  Don't be so

BTW how did ALUG4 go?  I'm sorry I couldn't make it (having a carpet
fitted and couldn't rearrange!)  I'll definitely be at ALUG5 though!

In message <381338CB.C29765E at brownowl.com>, Laurie Brown
<laurie at brownowl.com> writes
>Total bollocks. More pro-MS FUD. I never had any of that shit when I
>installed SuSE5.3 the first time, and that was bloody ages ago. 6.2 is a
>piece of piss. Clearly, the bloke has zero IT skills...
>IMO, anyone with even a small breadth of IT skills should be able to get
>SuSE up-and-running with X and an internet connection inside 45 mins. It
>saddens me to see people blame Linux for their own inadequacies, AND to
>parade it as "evidence" that MS is better...
>Cheers, Laurie.

Daniel Smith

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