[alug] Linux Answers #1 out

Green, James M K jmkgre at essex.ac.uk
Thu Oct 28 15:59:23 BST 1999

Hi all,

Look what I got less than an hour ago - the Premier edition of the UK's
first Linux Magazine: Linux Answers.

It's predictably a little thin, but since there aren't a huge number of ads
in it, we'll let that pass.

What's rather good about this is that is appears to be breaking a mould in
the publishing industry - it *appears* to be fairly well technically
proficient, even on the second page giving the reason why they say "Linux"
not "GNU/Linux" throughout the mag.

Loads of tutorials (mmm :), RH6.0 and Corel WordPerfect 8 on the cover, plus
RealPlayer G2 and WINE bundled too.

Priced 4.99, from Future Publishing.

I'll be giving a fuller review on LNC soon.

James Green

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