[alug] Writing to a file from a perl script

Dr. Ashley T. Howes PhD ashley_t_howes at dial.pipex.com
Tue Feb 1 04:21:45 GMT 2000

I was wondering if you could help on the following problem.  I'm developing
some cgi scripts using perl on RedHat Linux 6, with the default apache
installation.  Everything goes ok with the scripts until I need them to
write contents to a file.  At this point however the file is not created.
My guess is that this has something to do with file permissions, because
when I run the scripts via the command line, the file is written ok.
Furthermore whenever I need to edit my perl scripts in
/home/httpd/cgi-bin/... I need to go into superuser mode in order to save

What permissions do I need to set on the scripts and directory containing
them in order for the scripts to create and write to files?  Do I need to
chmod anything or chown particular files, e.g. something like 'chown www
script.pl'?  Or is the problem in the default apache configuration which
comes with Redhat 6.  I have already chmoded the scripts so they have read,
write and execute permissions.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  


Dr. Ashley T. Howes PhD
Email: ashley_t_howes at dial.pipex.com
Web: http://www.ydu09.dial.pipex.com

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