[alug] sendmail question

Chris Glover chris.glover at bbc.co.uk
Tue Feb 8 03:17:18 GMT 2000

Hi peeps

I have a sendmail problem. I have at home a network of 2 Windows PC's and an
IP masquerading Linux gateway.

The Linux box acts as an SMTP server for the rest of the network. This works
ok excewpt, sometimes sending mail fails, as the receiving machine tries to
look up gateway.glovercc.freeserve.co.uk. I know I'm being lazy here. When I
do dial up with Freeserve, everything works fine, as they trap everything
heading from a host to an SMTP server and process it themselves. I have
recently started using ClaraNet.

What I need to know, is how do I set up sendmail to caryy on receiving mail
for my local network, but for any mail heading outside, to go via Claranet's
SMTP server?

I hope that made sense, as I'm sitting here at work at 3:15am, and it's not
what I'd describe as concise :-)

Any help grately appreciated.

> Chris Glover
> Engineer, Broadcast Engineering
> BBC Resources
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> *	mailto:chris.glover at bbc.co.uk 
> * http://www.bbcresources.com 

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