[alug] Trouble with gimp

Adam Bower adamb at thebowery.co.uk
Sat Feb 19 10:31:39 GMT 2000

> >  I can't get it to do even the
> > simplest transformations. Trying to rotate a selection, for example,
> > produces no result other than a lot of hard disk activity which appears
> > quite rapidly to fill up the partition in use, whether home or root; the
> > only way out that I have found is to log off and start again.  Is   this
> > a known problem?  I'm using Linux-Mandrake 6.1, the Macmillan
> > distribution, on a Dell which has an Nvidia TNT2 graphics card. 
> Well, 1.0.4 is the latest(?) stable version and is as stable as a rock
> AFAIK. I've been using a cvs snapshot shortly after development version
> 1.1.16 was released and again it's pretty stable.
> Perhaps you could tell us your gimp version, and any other relevant info
> (try gtk-config --version and tell us the result).

Also whats the machines spec i.e. Ram and Swap space? and how big is the file your trying to work on? What is the output of the commands df and free before and after running the gimp?


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