[alug] SuSE wms

Andrew Chandler Andrew.Chandler at ft.com
Mon Feb 21 14:08:40 GMT 2000

Knowing Essex University, you'll be lucky they haven't deleted the kernel
because it was taking up disk space!!!


Green J M K <jmkgre at essex.ac.uk> on 21/02/2000 14:03:14
To: alug at stu.uea.ac.uk
cc:  (bcc: Andrew Chandler/PSD/LONDON/FTI)

Subject: [alug] SuSE wms

On Mon, 21 Feb 2000, MJ Ray wrote:

> On Mon, Feb 21, 2000 at 01:57:29PM +0000, Green J M K wrote:
> > maybe it wasn't gdm ????
> What did it look like?

Textured background, space for username and password, drop down list of
available environments, Go and Shutdown buttons.

Only KDE listed in menu.

Essex Uni logo in top right of the dialog. Small dialog.


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