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Thomas May thom at clearairturbulence.freeserve.co.uk
Wed Feb 23 17:23:34 GMT 2000

ok: This is really aimed at James, but i figure posting to the list is the
best way of getting a workable response.

<mock Australian accent>

Point 1: lose the yellow
Point 2: release it. please?
Point 3: lose the yellow
Point 4: if ppl were looking, and just put in linuxnewbie into ie or ns'
smartbrowsing, it would turn up .com first. If nowt was there, they would
naturally enough, go to .org. Not having anything is the classic way to lose
interested ppl - much more so than having a site that has some features
enabled - ones which *work* - and the features that don't work being
released when ready.
point 5: lose the yellow
point 6: we are coming into M$ territory for lateness of release - I don't
claim to be able to write websites, but I am working for marketing slime at
the mo. Image is critical...
point 7: lose the yellow
point 8: Beta test - with ppl who didn't write the thing.
point 9: lose the yellow
point 10: there is no point 10
point 11: lose the yellow

all imo, of course - but lose the yellow ;-)

Flames via me to /dev/null , not the list pls...

Thom, donning Nomex

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