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Aquarius aquarius at kryogenix.albatross.co.uk
Thu Feb 24 21:46:23 GMT 2000

I've managed to talk a work colleague into trying Linux out for me. He;s
given me a laptop (!) to do a demo for him (and I get to keep the laptop;
use Linux, get a free laptop, what an advertising slogan :)

He likes GUIs and the general feel of Windows (GUI for everything, not
CLI stuff), but is annoyed by Windows' stability (or lack of it). I shall
demo him Debian, since I know it, but I'll also make him a recommendation
as to which distribution to go for.

Which should I recommend?

I've been told that RH's packaging is rubbish compared to Debian. I've
heard good things about Corel and Mandrake as regards getting non-Unix
experienced people up to speed and so on. I myself have only used Debian
(which is too techie for him, I'd say) and Slackware (which is too, er,
not nice :)


"The grand plan that is Aquarius proceeds apace"
    -- Ronin, Frank Miller

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