[alug] Machine Lockups

Green J M K jmkgre at essex.ac.uk
Tue Feb 29 14:25:14 GMT 2000

On Tue, 29 Feb 2000, Neill Newman wrote:

> the best thing I can suggest is to upgrade to the latest stable kernel

Upgrading tonight.

> and remake your swap file if you think it is corrupt, I have had a

Um, anyone got the cmd to do this? And is it safe within console or do I
need to be on a floppy disk or something?

> corrupt swap file before and it does do weird things!

> One more thing... UPDATES !!!.. there have been a lot of security
> updates since 6.0 was released, I'm not sure if any of these allow
> remote lockups?? but if your not sure then upgrade all the necessary
> packages in 
> the redhat updates directory on your local mirror... 

Well, I have a 6.1 cd.

Question: how does one perform an rpm -Uvh * within the rpms directory and
*only* install package which require upgrading, i.e. I don't want to
install all possible packages.


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