[alug] Trouble with gimp

Dermot Musgrove dermot at glade.perl.connectfree.co.uk
Tue Feb 29 23:11:46 GMT 2000

Ian Thompson-Bell wrote:

> And do you remember the two pass paper tape assembler!!!
No, I'm afraid you've got me there. I was an operator on a Cobol site -
but we did have a systems analyst who sent the same job down to us again 
and again for a day or two until we asked him what he was doing.

It turned out that he had dropped his program (2000 IBM cards) and was
sending them down, wrapped in a little sort job, so that he got a print
of the sort errors (sequence no in cols 72 or somesuch). He would then
rearrange those cards and send it down again... :)

He wasn't a (complete) idiot but hard disks were so new then, he could
only work with mag tape, and had no concept of random access files.

I have still got a chess program on paper tape, about 4kchars, that beat
me but would stop a state-of-the-art (1977) ICL mainframe in its tracks.
I think that that says more about the multi-tasking policies of OSes in 
those days than my chess abilities.

Regards, Dermot.

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