[alug] PHP complile probs

Dr. Ashley T. Howes PhD ashley_t_howes at dial.pipex.com
Tue Feb 29 03:56:39 GMT 2000

I have a question about compiling php as a module for apache.  I've been
using the mod-php rpm which comes with RedHat 6.0 CD for some simple php
programming.  I am now in the process of trying to combine php and mysql to
start creating some database driven web applications.  However the mod-php
rpm with Redhat does not have mysql support compiled in.

I downloaded the latest php src and compiled it (initially without mysql
support just to test it).  After a little bit of playing around to find the
correct apache include directory to choose I got the modphp module to
compile.  It has a filename similar to modphp3.a.  I copied this to
etc/httpd/modules/ where the old modphp3.so module was.  However there is
now a problem when httpd (apache) starts up, it complains "can not link to
shared library modphp3.a".

How do I overcome this problem?  The above message tends to imply I need to
make the module using a slightly different method, but I don't know which
flags to set and the installation documentation does not cover this.

Thanks in advance for your help.


Dr. Ashley T. Howes PhD
Email: ashley_t_howes at dial.pipex.com
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