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Neill Newman neill at entora.co.uk
Thu May 3 10:42:11 BST 2001

Andrew Savory wrote:
> On Wed, 02 May, 2001 at 21:51 +0100, Brett Parker wrote:
> > Agghhhhh! Not the omnipotent, and very nasty hack that is MySQL ;) Can I
> > suggest that after "learning" from MySQL you try a real database system
> > that actually works such as PostgreSQL.
> *sigh* I really hate it when I have to say this....
>         I agree with Brett. He has a good point.
> If we want to showcase the best of free software and what linux can do,
> let's use Postgres eh? Postgres is a true ACID relational database,
> stable, secure, full-featured and with extensive support for SQL92. MySQL,
> um, isn't.

yep, and until recently MySQL didn't have transaction support !!! hhmm
nice and resilient ;)..
Postgress gets my vote...

> Thoughts on what language to implement this in... Perl + DBI is nice and
> quick, Java is a little much for the initial site but might be a nice
> project for someone to add later. Ruby is always being mentioned to me but
> I have no idea if it has DBI-like features or not. Then there's the evils
> of the world such as PHP, Embperl, ASP.... can we steer clear of these?

Perl/DBI sounds good to me....
although I have to admit that I like php ;)...


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