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David Freeman david_freeman at rocketmail.com
Thu May 3 17:02:12 BST 2001

--- Neill Newman <neill at entora.co.uk> wrote:
> David Freeman wrote:
> > > OK - it could be done as a java server process on the
> webserver/some
> > > server somewhere, that way we could have a java client or a web
> > > client...the java server could spit/recieve XML and all could be
> well
> > > in
> > > the world...
> > 
> > XML != nice. HTML does the job fine.
> hhmmm at the point of starting a flame I'd like to say that xml is
> very
> good at what it does, removes content from markup, html is contant
> and
> markup munged together, not nice!!
> html is ok for small/medium sites, but any decent large scale dynamic
> stuff is all xml with xslt->html translators, believe me, xml is
> worth
> the effort...

XML has always appeared as a very complex thing which I haven't needed
to use for my very simple web site! Can any one recommend a good primer
for XML.
> > 
> > > me, sick, never (Oh, did I mention that I've done that sorta
> stuff
> > > before, perl talking to java is "fun", nearly as fun as java
> talking
> > > to
> > > CGIs).
> > 
> > /me = C and Java apprentice programmer and obeyer of the KISS
> principle
> /me = C, Java, UML, OO, C++, Perl, PHP hacker.. I was taught OO by a
> Grady Booch Phd student ;) so if you need a hand with the
> design/implementation then give me a shout, 
> (I've been programming in Java, both commercially and academically,
> since 1995 ;)...

/me = self tought with far to many habits

But I've just written my first kernel MODULE!!! and it work, which was
a big surprise

> > Thanks
> > D
> > PS one of these days I will learn a proper language AKA Lisp and
> write
> > some decent type programs.
> aarrgghhhh no, lisp is evil ;)..
> *duck*

Yes, it may be evil, but the darker side is very appealing. Just like
small talk seams appeally. A OO language where everything is an object,
it just makes sense, the way the world works is to pass messages
(instructions, sentences etc...) between objects (humans, animals,
objects etc...)

ONe language I don't want to learn is C++.

I like the quotes on the smalltalk website

"I invented the term Object-Oriented, and I can tell you I did not have
C++ in mind." 
— Alan Kay 

and my personally favourites

"C++ : an octopus made by nailing extra legs onto a dog" 
— unknown 

"Claiming Java is easier than C++ is like saying that K2 is shorter
than Everest." 
— Larry O'Brien (editor, Software Development) 

I Am amazed that there is such a holy war about programming languages,
particully the language people first learnt was there favourite and all
others are programmed as if they were using the first language.


> Sz

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