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Fri May 4 09:36:01 BST 2001

MJ Ray wrote:
> David Freeman <david_freeman at rocketmail.com> writes:
> > So this would be what owen was saying about PHP on sunday about content
> > and markup being mixed together, Whilst I can see some of these evils,
> > doesn't CSS attempt to help?
> Oh, many of us will have a go at PHP for that.  CSS doesn't really
> help much, as you still have most of your program code stuffed in a
> servable document rather than kept right away from your markup.  There
> are ways to remedy it a little, but it's better not to have the
> problem there in the first place, eh?

May I point out FastTemplates? It's a PHP class that allows you to
completely separate content from code. 



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