[Alug] ALUG Library ...

Andrew Chandler Andrew.Chandler at ft.com
Fri May 4 13:44:34 BST 2001

I think Adrian was saying it should be written in vi... err.. emacs rather
than Lyx!

Cisco's?? Been there done that!


Neill Newman <neill at entora.co.uk> on 04/05/2001 13:37:34
To: Andrew Chandler/PSD/LONDON/FTI at FTI
cc: alug at stu.uea.ac.uk 

Subject: Re: [Alug] ALUG Library ...

Andrew Chandler wrote:
> 'Word produces HTML", but that's no excuse!!
> You tell him Adrian!

err.. what's that got to do with the price of eggs, LaTeX is LaTeX no
matter how it is written ;)..

go and break some cisco's ;)..


> Bing

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