[Alug] ALUG Library tranche 2

David Freeman david_freeman at rocketmail.com
Fri May 4 15:59:09 BST 2001

--- Andrew Savory <a.savory at btinternet.com> wrote:
> On Fri, 04 May, 2001 at  8:58 +0100, brodders at cwcom.net wrote:
> > If we gave this some thought might be able to do without the
> librarian
> > role.
> We should still have a master librarian. Can I respectfully suggest
> something monkey-shaped? Perhaps an orangutan?

Are you trying to say something here? I keep the books ATM!!!!!!

> > Want to minimise demands at client end (Java?). Who is expert to
> adjudicate
> > on this?
> Multiple clients! Multiple clients!

> > Dave, need to talk more about this - what's the form for big posts
> on such stuff?
> If you have a big post to make, or a large collection of random
> thoughts,
> why not lob them into a web page (perhaps on the alug site?) and cite
> a
> URL here?

Good idea, max post size should be 15K.
> > ALUGL Schema 0.1 is below - rip it to bits people! Why won't it
> work?
> Why won't it work? Because it's impossible to read in my mail
> client...

Which Client are you using?
<sniped sensible stuff>
> Anyone else use Dia? Might be worth knocking up the DB in that... or
> any
> other recommendations for db/modelling software?

White board and a board marker?

Thought of another table for my original schema

item_type(Item_type no., Description, details etc...)


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