[Alug] ALUG Library ...

MJ Ray markj at cloaked.freeserve.co.uk
Sun May 6 01:22:10 BST 2001

David Freeman <david_freeman at rocketmail.com> writes:

> Very True, but what method would you suggest instead of a clutch? 

Continuously Varying Ratios, what else?  People don't like them
because they don't sound or behave like a "conventional" car, though.

> Personally I think OO is very sensible, but everything needs to be OO,
> which Java and C++ aren't. Small talk I believe is the closest thing we
> have to a true OO langauge. [...]

Now this is why Ruby is attracting many compliments: everything is an
object, so it is said.  _Everything_.  And it's been like that since
the start.  Anyone able to debunk those claims for me?  ;-)

> BBC basic was good for the reasons above, but bad cos it used goto's
> etc...

BBC BASIC *had* GOTO, but didn't *USE* it on its own ;-)


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