Re [ALUG] Increasing Spam

Mills planet14 at
Sun May 6 18:03:08 BST 2001

MJ Ray wrote:
> We're getting more spam now.  There are a number of options open to
> us:
> 2. We can lock the list down so that only subscribed addresses can
> sent without being approved.
Do you mean only subscribers can post to this list? In my experience 
lists that allow non-members to post have spam, ones that don't, do not
have spam.

  I have not been to any of the IRC meetings as an (ex-CWC) NTL user I
cannot get free access to the Internet (i.e. call charges). I hope to
get a cable modem if NTL hurries up. I was the person at Linuxday (at
the UEA) who was given the Debian CD-R that was burned there. I now 
have installed it successfully.
  By the way do you think the Donald Knuth books are worth buying? As
for the ALUG language debate :-), how about Miranda, which is available
for Linux. Another possibility is that you could use Yag assembler 
which I am developing, perhaps a version LISP could be created for it.
As the project is open we could develop clients in whatever languages
liked, may be. If XHTML is I could use my web broswer as a client.

PS Netscape sent this to Mark by mistake the first time, sorry.

                              Yours Tarquin Mills

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