[Alug] Linux on Macs

jo at yee-ha.demon.co.uk jo at yee-ha.demon.co.uk
Fri May 11 09:27:11 BST 2001

Joss Winn wrote:
> Is anyone on this list using Linux on a Macintosh?   

Yup, SuSE7.0 on a G3 PowerBook.

> If not, would
> anyone care for a summary of the current state of Linux on Macs? There
> are some interesting things going on.  For the most part, it is very
> similar to Linux on x86, but there are some noteworthy differences to
> consider.  

Yeah, there's a few oddities. I think the biggest difference though is
in software- if you can't get the source code, then quite often you'll
find the Linux version is for X86 only, which can be a pain.

> I hardly every use the Apple OS these days (I triple boot
> with Apple OS 9.1, Apple OS X -BSD/Darwin - and Linux), but I would
> still buy Apple hardware for Linux.

It's nice and stable, for sure. And pretty fast.


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