[Alug] Configuring network card (again)

Jenny_Hopkins at toby-churchill.com Jenny_Hopkins at toby-churchill.com
Fri May 18 10:48:32 BST 2001

Hello all,
I have been given the following info from someone at LNO on trying to get a
3com NIC to work (one that was given to me by an alug member at the last
meet, as it happens).   Can anyone confirm this is indeed a good thing to
do?  I tried for a while to get a Dlink card working, then changed it for
this 3com one, which I'm not having much success with either.
"3c509 isa cards are PnP jumperless nic's - they were designed to work with
winders PnP (work great out of the box for
that)  in linux, it no worky-worky.  you have internet access from a
winders pc? if yes, then download disk 2 from here (this link is kicking my

and boot the pc with a dos/winders boot disk - run the PNPDSABL.BAT utility
to turn off PnP, then run 3c5x9cfg.exe to set the irq and mem addy you want
(i like 10/300 )- after this, you should be good to go"
I duly downloaded the disk2, copied it to /tmp on the linux box, started to
reboot the linux box with a 95 startup disk, then bottled out and plopped
the disk out before it could boot, in a fit of underconfidence at my
The actual history behind the thread at LNO in the first place is here:

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