[Alug] Configuring network card (again)

David Freeman david_freeman at rocketmail.com
Fri May 18 21:21:34 BST 2001

--- Jenny_Hopkins at toby-churchill.com wrote:
> >>....and do insmod 3c5x9
> Good grief!  I did this and it showed the correct info.  Strange, I
> thought, and proceeded to bring up the interface.  This also suddenly
> is
> working. (hmmmmm) And eth0 is also showing in ifconfig.  

In that case don't touch anything else. leave it and work out how todo
a auto insmod on boot, a cludge but it'll work, that is all i have for
my FA311.

With the 3c509 which I have all I did was putting it in and modprobe
3c509 and it went from there, I didn't touch the settings on the board
and from the sound of things you wont need to.

> All I can
> think is
> that when i ran modconf I did two things - deleted the dummy0 module
> and
> tried installing the 3c509, the latter which just brought up errors
> yesterday.  Perhaps restarting the computer and having no dummy0 in
> place
> caused the eth0 mod to do whatever it needed to do properly?

I have found it good to stear clear of programs which are supposed to
help make these things easier, as they invariably never do. All my
hardware was done by learning what i had and doing a simple modprobe
for each thing, when that worked I set it all in a script - rc.modules
- which does it all for me.

> Still not pinging anything on the network though.  Pinging my own IP
> shows
> it is using loopback, and tcpdump then shows for trying to reach
> anything
> else on the network:
> 13:40:32.704186 eth0 > arp who-has jenny?TCL tell TRX850/TCL
> (0:a0:24:2:cf:26)
> 13:40:35.694822 lo > TRX850/TCL > TRX850/TCL: icmp: host jenny/TCL
> unreachable [tos 0xc0]

what does route -n give? it could be that you have the wrong routing
configured and need the default route to be set to something else.

> Does this mean anything to anyone?  Heff!  Heff!  A hoffable
> herralump!
> Thanks, Jenny.
> PS.  Next time I splash out on the netgear.
Very good idea. Very easy to configure. If you are willing to stretch
to it get a 3com card, a PCI 3com card is the dogs danglies.


PS call me if you need a hand.

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