[Alug] Walnuts

wbh W.B.Hill at uea.ac.uk
Wed May 23 11:52:37 BST 2001

> I am thinking that I might upgrade my kernel to 2.4 from 2.2.18. Is
> this  a good idea? are there any major problems I should watch out for?
> When I do make menuconfig what options can be removed because they
> aren't going to be used on my athlon, other than th obvious? I also
> want to have all periferals configured to be configured as modules, is
> this easy enough?
> Also how much has it changed since 2.2* ?

I'm in the process of changing. Seems quite similar, but with added
goodies. (LVM and reiserfs) The sound support appears to have changed a
bit (can no longer get my card to work, but I use ALSA mostly) I've had to
re-config by had, 'coz when I did a 'make oldconfig' from my 2.2.17
.config everything appeared to work fine, but when booted the new kernel
wouldn't let e2fsck work properly... The other gotcha is that masquerading
doesn't seem to be there yet for 2.4.* Not a biggie for me, YMMV

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