[Alug] RedHat 7.1 module compile problems

Neill Newman neill at entora.co.uk
Fri May 25 02:11:04 BST 2001

I'm glad you got everything sorted out, but I would advise you (or
rather redhat advise you) to use kgcc not gcc for compiling kernels.
Just change the two entries of 'gcc' in the top level Makefile to 'kgcc'
and compile as normal..

I've compiled a kernel with gcc under RH7 with no problems, but I then
remember that I hadn't done the kgcc hack..  I don't know how stable a
RH7 gcc kernel will be, but to be honest I didn't want to find out after
my filesystem had been chewed up!!!


Joe Frost wrote:
> It looks like I was missing a step out (I'd never needed it before but it
> seems good practice from what I've found on the net).
> Prior to doing my "make xconfig" I needed to do a "make mrproper", after
> this everything compiled fine.
> For reference it was a vanilla install of RedHat 7.1 using the version of
> gcc that ships with that distro and compiling 2.4.2
> Thanks to all those who offered advice on this,
> Joe

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