[Alug] RedHat 7.1 module compile problems

Neill Newman neill at entora.co.uk
Fri May 25 10:18:39 BST 2001

Laurie Brown wrote:
> Neill Newman wrote:
> >
> > I'm glad you got everything sorted out, but I would advise you (or
> > rather redhat advise you) to use kgcc not gcc for compiling kernels.
> > Just change the two entries of 'gcc' in the top level Makefile to 'kgcc'
> > and compile as normal..
> What's the benefit? 

BIG DISCLAIMER: I don't want to stir up stuff up in this thread, but...

There were loads and loads of threads on kernel trafic about RH 7
releasing gcc 2.96. RH said it was ok, gcc team said it wasn't.. 

Basically gcc 2.96 would compile most things fine, even the kernel, but
they were not sure about the stability of the binary ;) (I'm sure
somebody will correct me on this).. 
so RH included a previous version of gcc (I think it was gcc 2.7.x) with
which they advised people to use when compiling the kernel... I've used
kgcc for kernel builds ever since rh7 came out and have had no

if you have a quick search you will find loads of info about this on
deja and the like...

as I said, I'm not going to make my opinion on wether RH did the right
thing or not..

peace, love and kgcc ;)

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