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Neill Newman neill at entora.co.uk
Tue May 29 11:36:34 BST 2001

oms101 at freeuk.com wrote:
> Visio is a fine vector based drawing package which can integrate into databases
> to build them via ODBC. I have never used the DB features but the vector
> drawing features made it supurb for documenting the data flow for a large
> server. I enjoyed the job so much I proposed an imnproved design that we built.

I'll be honest, I dont' know what CASE tools are, but if you are talking
UML/OO etc.. then I have been doing this for years. I am currently using
dia to produce all my UML diagrams for my thesis.. I'm not sure if this
is the kind of thing you mean, but it's similar to visio ;)..

> visio is one of those products that M$ bought rather than created so if you get
> to try it you may find its UI more photoshop than MS word.
> I am currently trying out troff's box macros for the same job, what is latex
> like for data flow diagrams?

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