[Alug] Redhat 7.x RPMs : CDRs anyone?

James - listmail jtl2nospam at myrealbox.com
Sat Sep 7 00:50:02 BST 2002

I'll be at CB2, Cambridge on Sunday. Have some spare time
to burn CDRs for interested parties on Saturday, probably.
Intel architecture and sub arch types only. Happy to hand
stuff over to folk willing to collect in person. I don't
have packaging materials to operate a postal service, and
don't particularly want to spend money and time doing that.

One Good Thing [tm] about all the disk archiving that
I've done for the first week of September is to collate
all the Redhat 7.x Update RPMS, and other goodies that
I've built recently.

For folks wanting to update a system from a new install
using the original RedHat install CDs, but no ( or slow )
internet access - better to use a CD update archive.

The binary update rpms (just) fit on one 700M CDR.

Too early for the Redhat 7.2 backport rpms of KDE 3.0.3
that I'm still trying to build and resolve dependancies
upon, BUT some other rpm packaged goodies available are:

1) selinux SELDI binary rpms for the 2002082308 release
   that can be rpm installed in a standard RedHat 7.2 system
   includes big archive of email from the NSA listserver, and
   documents / saved articles.

2) postgresql 7.2.2 built for RedHat 7.2 i586 and i686

3) snort IDS with a recent ruleset ( 31st Aug )

I can burn CDRs for anyone willing to compensate me for doing
so ( 700M / 80min ) email me privately if interested, please.

( Within reason ) I am willing to mix n' match components to
squeeze the number of CDs needed.

Sizes of components:

( first column current packages; second column are obsoleted packages, MegaBytes

RH7.2 Update RPMS:
i386	469	426
i586	 21	 61
i686	 50	179
athlon	 21	 81
noarch	 90	  0
SRPMS	546	316
images	  7      -

RH7.3 Update RPMS:
i386	180	171
i586	 25	 37
i686	 57	112
athlon	 25	 49
SRPMS	190	102

selinux : 462
  snort :  11
postgres:  24
    nmap:  14

Just the stuff that I have to hand. I can probably collate all the
KDE 3.0.3 SRPMS from a RedHat 7.2 backporting site, but I haven't
had time to resolve dependancy issues and build binaries successfully.
Some way to go before all that is operational, and fit to install.
These weigh in at about 83 MBytes AFAIR.

Anyone else been working on RedHat 7.2 KDE 3.0.3 RPMS by any chance?
If you have, and know exactly how to resolve all the missing deps,
do tell!

-- James

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