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Raphael Mankin raph at panache.demon.co.uk
Sun Sep 8 21:15:26 BST 2002

On 06-Sep-2002 Jenny_Hopkins at toby-churchill.com wrote:
> Adam Bower wrote:
>> I don't know which is worse though, owning a Mac or
>>running Redhat.. ;)
> Well, Macs are useful for if it rains ;-)
> Next Q: Has anyone tried x2vnc yet?  It allows linux to take over your
> windows keyboard and monitor.   It sounds like hours of fun are to be had
> by all here.

Rather sluggish, but it works. Mind you I was connecting in over ADSL. Using
vnc (the other way) from windows to run an X session over a high-speed link is
what I do all day. Mostly OK but sometimes the mouse lags.

> And the question after that will be: has anyone compiled a kernel to
> include FreeS/WAN support ?
> Jen
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