[Alug] GNU/Linux User Groups

Adam Bower adam.bower at framestore-cfc.com
Mon Sep 9 11:20:02 BST 2002

John Seago wrote:
> I blundered across this: http://www.gnu.org/gnu/gnu-user-groups.html#GHlist
> last night. It made me think a little.
> Perhaps such `purity' would be dificult to achieve for ALUG, but a smaller 
> subset of ALUG, or Joint Group might be possible. Athough the population 
> density of our area, and the attendance at meetings, might make any such 
> project impractical

Well you are pointing at the GNU/Hurd list there too, does anybody on 
this list actually run/use GNU/Hurd? or have any experience installing 
it? I have the latest CD .iso images and am planning having a go getting 
it working soon (i think i may try to get it working in vmware first and 
then go for a native install).

Anyhow I always thought that the Alug was primarily for Linux but we 
will have anybody from the "alternative" unix'a'like platforms including 
proprietary unixs and the BSDs etc. are welcome (what about plan9, QNX 
and Mac OS X?)

Actually for interests sake who here runs other OS than x86 Linux and 
Windows? and do you actually use them for anything useful? or just to 
play with?

I have been known to play with all of the BSDs, and Debian/Sparc and 
Solaris at home. I also have copies of Plan 9 that I cannot get to 
install, a copy of Gnu/Hurd that i havn't tried to install yet, a few 
copies of BeOS that i used to play around with and one of my favourites 
is Amiga OS running in an emulation layer (UAE) on linux :) oh and at 
work i currently also have to deal with HP/UX (9!) Irix and Mac OS X. In 
the past I think I have used most common varients (and not so common) of 
unix from many manufacturers including the evil DG/UX from Data General 
which ran on their weird homebrew multicpu x86 machines.


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