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Ashley ashley at ashleyhowes.com
Tue Sep 10 14:37:01 BST 2002

At 16:10 09/09/02 +0100, Martyn Drake wrote:
>Yes, we've come across that .local problem at work too.  It won't get
>fixed until the next release of OS X.  It doesn't even work in Jaguar
>for Goodness sake!  You know, I'm beginning to see Steve Jobs as being
>next Bill Gates but in the visual effects industry.  He is CEO of Pixar,

Apple have always played this game imho.  It seems that they give you just 
enough at each release so you don't move elsewhere.  The fact that they 
charged around £80 for an incrementally upgrade takes the piss!

Check out http://www.apple.com/macosx/ to see what you get.  The strongest 
sell appears to be on iChat.  It's instant messaging in bubbles.  Yippee 
:(  I have been a long supporter of Macs, but I just not seem to get 
excited by it anymore.

Time to learn more about Linux :)



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