[Alug] Gentoo

Laurie Brown laurie at brownowl.com
Tue Sep 10 22:03:01 BST 2002

Ricardo Campos wrote:
>>No probs here! We're standardising on it, run internal gentoo mirrors, and 
>>have developed lots of scripts and so on. Gentoo is the D's B's, IMO.
> Never said it wasn't...
> Just takes a long time.

Ah... Running a download mirror internally helps a lot. I realise there's a 
lot of compiling to do, but pulling the source through a 100MB internal 
network is a whole lot faster than using even 512K cable, never mind a modem. 
We rsync early every AM.

Also, Gentoo portage has the facility for saving binaries as packages, so for 
identical machines, it's a doddle to build and apply strict version control.

Cheers, Laurie.
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