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Ricardo Campos corez23 at linuxmail.org
Wed Sep 11 13:17:02 BST 2002

I had a kernel panic, so Laurie suggested:

> 9 times out of 10, that's an error in /boot/grub/menu.lst caused by failing 
> to point to the right place for your root partition. If it's a laptop, it's 
> usually a misconfigured kernel.

Actually, I'll check grub first. I have a working 
.config file for that particular laptop (that works 
with the stock 2.4.18 kernel), which is what I based 
my menuconfig choices on. It should be fine. If these
 things don't work, then I will probably post the 
error msgs-something to do with VFS- in a different 

In fact having read the last paragraph, I KNOW it's 
not pointing to the correct partition for /. I 
remember putting down /dev/hda3 in fstab, when in fact
 / is on /dev/hda5! So I probably made the same 
mistake in the grub menu.lst! Damn my peculiar manner 
of setting up partitions! Damn the *ahem* person who 
was distracting me at the time!

So my advice should now be: don't try installing 
Gentoo if you don't have much time to spare, and don't
 try if your partner is coming round to visit. ;o)

> When you get your 512k cable connection (I have a 512 cable here in my 
> office, and a 2meg line in my server room), be sure to rsync ibiblio. Bear in 
> mind the whole tree is more than 20GB, 90% of which we never use! There are 
> about 2,500 packages now, and growing.

isn't rsync'ing the whole tree a little OTT for a network comprising of 1 gentoo box, 1 ipcop box and 1 debian box? What would the benefits be?

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