[Alug] Networking Trouble.. stupid ass of Windows 98.

Craig craig at wizball.co.uk
Fri Sep 13 00:41:02 BST 2002

Since there is a steady increase in networking problems ;) But a bit off here
and it is windows trouble ;)

At the moment, I have 3 boxes (and a fourth one coming soon) hooked up onto
a hub.

Router = Linux
Workstation = Linux
Workstation2 = Windows 98

Now I have set Windows 98 networking to the correct IP, gateway address and
DNS. But it doesn't see Workstation + the Router! No ping replies, heck the
internet isn't there!

I cannot ping it from my workstation/router to workstation2 at all. First 
thought is the cable connection.. Nothing there. Checked IP etc.. seems fine.

Don't suggest 'Linux' on Workstation2 since various people in this household
wants to use it ;)

Just a thought if anyone actually know a fix to this stupid problem... Or I 
could start teaching Linux to those people ;)


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