[Alug] Raid Motherboards

Raphael Mankin raph at panache.demon.co.uk
Sun Sep 15 12:51:02 BST 2002

On 15-Sep-2002 Richard Kettlewell wrote:
> Ashley <ashley at ashleyhowes.com> writes:
>> If you are using RAID, I don't suggest having it on the motherboard.
>> The reason for this is failure.  Unless you have another m/b of the
>> same type, it will be difficult to recover your data.
> But you have backups anyway, right?

OK ,let's ask the awkward questions. 1.How many of the members of this list have
*complete* backups the their umpteen-gigabyte disks? 2. How long would it take
you to rebuild your system to ts *current* state after a disk crash?

I have complete, daily tape backups, but I have never yet managed to rebuild a
system in under a week. The new system always has a slightly different
configuration from the old one, and there is always something that I overlook
when selecting what to restore. Then there are incompatible libraries etc.
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