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Douglas Willis ddw at bas.ac.uk
Tue Sep 17 09:25:01 BST 2002

On some of the earlier laptops turning on DMA caused the cdrom drives to
lockup requiring a hare reset of the machine.  I this was due to
slightly non standard IDE bus architecture.

I run an IBM A21M which has a PIII ant about 800MHz and now have no
problems with disk access once I turned on the DMA settings.  

The RedHat install by default disabled the DMA .

On Tue, 2002-09-17 at 08:51, Adam Bower wrote:
> On Mon, Sep 16, 2002 at 10:44:33PM +0100, Ian Bell wrote:
> > I mentioned in an earlier post my move from a P!! igig PC to a new dell 
> > laptop with a P4 1.6 gig and how with rh7.3 it seemed slower than the old 
> > system.  I have now investigated this a little further.
> One other factor here i think you are saying a PIII 1Ghz to a PIV 1.6Ghz? in
> which case the performance would not be 60% greater, in all likelyhood a PIV at
> 1.6ghz will most likely be the same speed as a PIII 1Ghz for most of the time,
> slower for some things and faster on a very few others.
> Have you also checked memory timings in the Bios? is the kernel built with
> support for a PIV, are you using a framebuffer driver for X or native GFX
> support? Are there many unused daemons running in the background that you don't
> need? are all other things to check.
> About hdparm, PIO modes are usually discovered by the BIOS pretty accuratly so
> I would leave them alone, setting DMA to 16bit or 32bit with sync is usually
> safe and the other options are trial and error. You could try looking on the
> net to find other peoples settings, linux on laptops page may be good for this
> (this machine is a laptop?) as would looking on the disk manufacturers webpage
> for specs too.
> Oh and finally hdparm can destroy data on your harddisk if you go for too many
> settings and the disk/computer doesn't like them....
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