[Alug] CUPS and Lexmark 5700

Glen Tyler glen.tyler at tesco.net
Thu Sep 19 23:24:02 BST 2002

> Dear All,
> another CUPS question I'm afraid, and I know the CUPS and Epson strand
> recently was broadcast, but I didn't save all the messages, I wasn't
> interested in CUPS until yesterday..:-)
> I finally upgraded to KDE3 , on RH7.2, which required me to install CUPS.
> Now before on KDE2.2 I had a Lexmark 5700 printing (in B and W) using the
> printer config in KDE and a driver lex5700.
> Although I have the same config now, nothing comes out when I send a file
> print. I tried to configure CUPS using lynx (my prefered browser), but
> to admit I got a bit lost...I can see that my printer isn't supported, but
> what is 'raw'? Anyone know a good newbie guide to CUPS? Is it pointless me
> continuing...? Well I probably will anyway, afterall I got my pctel modem
> working, and my onboard sound and KDE3...in the end.
> BTW I also get the message in CUPS that the print job has gone, but it
> never appears..
> Glen

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