[Alug] Speedtouch Modem

Wayne Stallwood wayne.stallwood at btinternet.com
Sat Sep 21 14:13:01 BST 2002

I know what you're saying, I thought that for a while too.

What bothers me is that if this is true what are the conditions met before the 
dark forces (BT) kick me off.

Under XP it's fine (easy 20 day's +, Yes I have managed to keep XP running for 
more than 20 days before)
Under XP recieving a shoutcast stream using Winamp client, it's fine (the only 
time XP has lost it's connection was once during a particularly bad storm)
Under Linux it's fine (again 20days + not uncommon)
Under Linux recieving a shoutcast stream using Xmms, 5 hours max before 
connection fails, usually about 3

All the above are also true if I plug my system in on the Business ADSL line I 
have at my Office

It's so odd that at first I thought is was concidence, but it's ONLY ever 
fails on Linux when I am running a stream

So if BT kick people off that listen to shoutcast for too long, then why 
doesn't it happen on XP and if BT kicks off Linux users why does it only 
happen when I am listening to a stream.

Also why is it that I have never read (on Usenet, Speedtouch Mailing lists or 
Linux Mailing lists) of anyone else having this problem. It must be something 
specific to my system, I just don't know what.

Incendently what is the difference between usb-uhci and uhci ? Which one 
should I be using to connect my ADSL Modem. (not that it seems to make any 
difference to this problem)



On Saturday 21 September 2002 12:29, Adam Bower wrote:
> On Sat, Sep 21, 2002 at 01:09:34PM +0000, Wayne Stallwood wrote:
> > Sorry..should have mentioned that.
> >
> > Kernel is 2.4.18
> >
> > Xmms is 1.2.6-102
> >
> > Input is libmpg123 version 1.2.6
> > Output is OSS Driver 1.2.6
> >
> > I am trying an experiment whereby mpg123 is playing one of the streams I
> > regularly listen to to see if I get the same problem, as like you I find
> > it unlikely that Xmms is to blame.
> Well i /think/ there may be dark magic at work somewhere, as where i used
> to live my machine had a alcatel modem and we sat behind the nat firewall
> and used to get disconnected about once a week. I have since moved
> somewhere else and my connection has now been up for 20days the only things
> that have changed are
> 1. the telephone line and exchange
> 2. the modem (still an alcatel same model etc)
> 3. one less user behind the firewall
> So it may be that there are other things that cause this behaviour, I used
> to have to reboot the firewall about 50% of the time to get the connection
> to come back up before which was odd and makes me wonder if its not
> something at the BT end that could affect this.
> Adam

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