[Alug] Kernel Dumping garbage to Port 80h

Wayne Stallwood wayne.stallwood at btinternet.com
Sun Sep 22 20:15:02 BST 2002

Thanks, 0x2e2 it is then, When I get a moment I'll give this a go.

I thought that a sleep call would be the obvious solution, but I keep thinking 
that there is a reason Linus didn't do this, I was put off the dummy jumps as 
Linus infers that this causes a problem on faster machines, given that this 
was written at a time when a P500 was a fast machine and I am sitting on a 
1Ghz Athlon I think there may be some issue with doing this.

Anyway cheers, I'll let you know if it works.

On Sunday 22 September 2002 12:36, Paul wrote:
> Hi Wayne
> There are a number of holes in the IO map that you could use - The game
> adaptor port at 0x200-0x20f is one. Another space that is unlikely to be
> use is at 0x2e2-0x2e3 which is listed as "Data Acquisition Adaptor".
> Two other options for you to consider..
> 1) Use dummy jumps as in SLOW_IO_BY_JUMPING
> 2) use a nanosleep or esleep call, a 4uSec delay should be enough.
> Regards, Paul.
> On Sunday 22 Sep 2002 1:09 pm, Wayne Stallwood wrote:
> > Can any of you think of any other port I can get the kernel to write this
> > to that would have the same effect of slowing down I/O but wouldn't be
> > used by any other hardware ?
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