[Alug] console reset

Jenny_Hopkins at toby-churchill.com Jenny_Hopkins at toby-churchill.com
Wed Sep 25 09:28:01 BST 2002

Hi Alug:
tty1 has hung in minicom; I have removed the lockfile and stopped the
minicom process but have now been left with the image and a flashing cursor
and I can't communicate at all with that console.
I had a reset problem a few months back, so I looked up the thread we had
on that, but they all assume being able to talk directly on that tty.  I've
read the getty man page, and tried a few things.  If I try to kill the
process a new one begins and the image remains.
"reset tty1" from another console asks for terminal type, I say vt102 and
it tells me a bunch of stuff including "kill is ^U", but they all do
It's severely annoying.

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