[Alug] Installing WordPerfect on Debian

Steve Fosdick fozzy at pelvoux.demon.co.uk
Fri Sep 27 20:38:01 BST 2002

On Fri, 27 Sep 2002 10:58:58 +0100
"Ian Douglas" <alug at the-zub.demon.co.uk> wrote:

> Hi Folks,
> Is anyone running WordPerfect on Debian?  If so then how did you
> install it?
> I have obtained two Corel Linux WordPerfect 8.0 tarballs (guilg00.gz
> and guilguk0.gz) which I would like to install on my Debian 3.0
> system.  I have followed the instructions and copied them into a temp
> directory (/opt/wp80) then used "tar xvfz" to unpack them.  Amongst
> the unpacked files is one called "Runme" which I ran ("./Runme") as
> root.   It asks me if I have untared all the files.  I reply "y".  It
> says "Extracting files... Please wait.".  It then comes up with an
> error message "Linux 2.4.18-bf2.4 not certified.  Continue?" to which
> I reply "y".  I then get literally screenfulls of error messages about
> files not being found.  The error messages scroll past far to fast to
> read but I managed to catch the final screen's worth and have put it
> below. Anyone have a clue what is going wrong?
> Thanks,
> Ian.
> ### Partial error output ###
> sed: can't read shared/.prlist: No such file or directory
> chmod: too few arguments
> Try `chmod --help' for more information.
> chmod: getting attributes of `/wplib/.wpbuildc': No such file or
> directory chmod: getting attributes of `/wplib/.wpbuildx': No such
> file or directory

My guess is that the filenames in the above error output are missing a
prefix - that the installation program script was supposed to tack
something on the front of each from a variable elsewhere in the program.
Something like the following:

chmod og+w $base
chmod og+w $base/wplib/.wpbuildc
chmod og+w $base/wplib/.wpbuil.

This would give the "too few arguments" for the first chmod and
"No such file or directory" for the next few.

It may be more useful to look at the first few error messages rather
than the later ones, though I bet they all scrolled off the screen.  You
could try a second time and use xterm with the "logging" option on to
capture the whole error log, or look at the script command.


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