[ALUG] 401 Access Denied Error

Tony tony at ttiger.co.uk
Fri Jun 8 09:54:15 BST 2007

I was just wondring if anyone has any ideas.  I have a reseller account 
which uses WHM and CPanel but whenever I try to access either, I get the 

"410 Access Denied -
The server was configured to not permit you access to the specified 
resource.  If you believe this is in error or inadvertent, please contact 
the system administrator and ask them to update the host access files."

A URL I can't access is http://echo.xnoc.net:2082/

It was working fine on Wednesday but the problem started yesterday.
I have tries using a different PC but with the same result but if I change 
to a dial up modem it works fine but I dial up using a different ISP.  I 
have a fixed IP with my broadband ISP (Newnet).

I have contacted the helpdesk at the hosts and they have no idea what the 
problem could be.  I also have another another reseller account with a 
different host using WHM/CPanel which I can access with no problem.

The only thing I could think of was that the server was blocking my IP for 
some reason but the host have said that they haven't blocked anything.  I 
can access the websites okay and FTP works okay.

I'm at a total loss what to try next.  Anyone any ideas?

Many thanks

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