[ALUG] 401 Access Denied Error

Tony tony at ttiger.co.uk
Fri Jun 8 13:45:40 BST 2007

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>>> On Fri, Jun 08, 2007 at 09:54:15AM +0100, Tony wrote:
>>>> I was just wondring if anyone has any ideas.  I have a reseller account
>>>> which uses WHM and CPanel but whenever I try to access either, I get 
>>>> the
>>>> error:
>>>> "410 Access Denied -
>>>> The server was configured to not permit you access to the specified
>>>> resource.  If you believe this is in error or inadvertent, please 
>>>> contact
>>>> the system administrator and ask them to update the host access files."
>>>> A URL I can't access is http://echo.xnoc.net:2082/
>>>> It was working fine on Wednesday but the problem started yesterday.
>>>> I have tries using a different PC but with the same result but if I 
>>>> change
>>>> to a dial up modem it works fine but I dial up using a different ISP. 
>>>> I
>>>> have a fixed IP with my broadband ISP (Newnet).
>>> Are you going through a web proxy that doesn't allow things not on port
>>> 80 or 443? Does the error message you get have details of which server
>>> isn't configured to let you have access?
>> Can I also suggest visiting https://echo.xnoc.net:2083/  ? If you have 
>> the https stuff installed, then the secrure ports area ll one higher on 
>> whm/cpanel. Do you get failures on both CPanel AND WHM or just one?
>> JT

I have just installed a USB broadband modem and get the same errors using a 
modem so that rules out problems with the router.

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