[ALUG] [OT] FTGH: Various Socket 370 Intel CPUs

Jonathan McDowell noodles at earth.li
Mon Jun 11 19:27:26 BST 2007

Apologies for the off topic post, but as people have been talking about
rather ancient machines here perhaps this might prove useful to them.

I have 3 Socket 370 CPUs looking for homes. If anyone wants one I'll
bring it to the Norwich meeting this Thursday, or might be prepared to
post them to people if they really can't make it.

The CPUs are:

Intel Celeron 800MHz, SL4TF, 800/128/100/1.7V
Intel PIII 800MHz, SL4MB, 800/256/133/1.7V
Intel Celeron 900MHz, SL5MQ, 900/128/100/1.75V

All should be working fine, I just don't have a use for them any more
and it seems a shame to throw out working kit.


Purple alert! Purple alert! - Holly

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